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Juliette Williams

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Dominique Raymond

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My Name is Dominique Raymond  I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2010. I felt and noticed the benefits immediately and I  knew I had to be doing this for the rest of my life.  There is truly something for everybody to gain in this practice. This complete body workout will heal you from the inside whether it be physical body pain, emotional, mental or psychological and or spiritual.  I Believe if anyone makes their  health number one priority  and includes this  Bikram Yoga practice into their daily lifestyle. Life will change for the better. 

I loved Bikram Yoga so much because of what it was doing for my body and mind I began to work full time at the front desk and I was able to do yoga 5-7 times a week. My body was transforming rapidly,I was happy most of the time, my energy was high, I could help others change their lives as well. Being a student and working for Bikram Yoga became number one in my life. A year later a wonderful business opportunity arrived for my sister who is a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor for various studios. I knew this was always one of her dreams to work at her own studio one day or more. I became involved with her to be her business partner. Now I am also a Yoga instructor. I practice and teach Yoga everyday!

Anything to do with Hot Bikram Yoga I love. I love meeting new people, helping them heal and discover themselves as well.

I am truly greatful to be a part of the Abbotsford community and to be involved in the one thing that truly works for everyone no matter what the circumstance. 

Life is a blessing , put your health first, the rest will come.



My first introduction to Bikram yoga was in Febuary of 2009. I came to the studio to try something new and spice up my dull gym routine. LOVED IT!!! I signed up for the two week intro, came as much as possible, signed up for a one month unlimited then started working the front desk. It was awesome! I was able to practice yoga six days a week as the best perk to the job.  Just then I had a thought…maybe I can be a teacher? Everything just came together. I had just reached my minimum of 6 months of practice to be able to do the 9 week  long teacher training in Las Vegas of the same year. I had a fantastic experience at my training and have loved teaching full time since.

I have been living in the Abbotsford community for about 8 years and teach at several studios in the lower mainland.  I really enjoy teaching and seeing the changes this yoga can make in so many lives is quite inspiring.

I look forward to seeing your happy smiling faces at BYA.


I have always been health conscious. Walking was my favorite physical activity regardless of the weather. Over the years I noticed my knees bothering me and due to a callous under my foot. A friend suggested I try yoga, and I didn't know anything about yoga let alone Bikram Hot Yoga.  I accidentally discovered it, or you can call it destiny, and here I am 4 years later a Bikram Yoga Instructor, never in my wildest dreams had I dreamt this!

For the first two years I was a on and off participant, but for the last two years I had been practicing consistantly 4 - 5 times a week. My knees are stronger and another amazing thing happened 3 months after I first had been coming: I had a droopy eye which my doctor had advised me to go under the knife to fix it.  To my surprise, the extention of my occular nerves prevented me from going through with the operation!  I received so many compliments i.e "look taller,  glowing, wow you're looking so young, etc."  I'm not bragging and my answer to all these is "it's the magic of Bikram yoga"!

I'm totally hooked on yoga, can't seem to get enough of it!  The results (physical, emotional and mental) are all connected, it's a one place fix for everything, the most natural physical activity in the world.  I am proud to be a BiKRAM YOGA INSTRUCTOR, graduated June 16, 2012. This is my story and experience of Bikram yoga! At the age of 52 I feel the healthiest I have ever felt and confidence comes hand in hand!

Anthea Seeton

When I stepped into my first Bikram class in 2007 I immediately questioned my sanity and that of every other student in the room.  What had I gotten myself into?  I had some serious pain issues at this point in my life but hadn't considered that yoga would be the cure, I was wrong.  Within 8 months my chronic body pain was gone, my arthritic pain and inflammation was gone and my tendonitis just non existent.  Something so powerful, so positive, so impactful on my life, well, I felt I really needed to share and facilitate this in others.  I went to spring training in 2009 and have been a full time teacher ever since.  Fall of 2014 I completed my Yin training.  This wonderful practice is focused on building strong, healthy, more flexible joints.  As an older practitioner these two very different yoga practices bring a balance to my life that I am honored to share with others.

Colin Uppal

Colin started his Bikram Yoga practice November 2007. Previous to practicing, Colin had severe health problems due to his weight then some older knee and back injuries.

On his search to find something that would help him lose weight while working with his injuries, he found himself at a yoga studio. With a dedicated practice, he was able to drop over 100 pounds, rid himself of knee and back pain, and then improved his overall quality of health.

After experiencing all the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga, Colin wanted to further his knowledge and give back to the community by teaching. He attended the Fall 2009 session in Las Vegas and has been teaching since then.

His favorite posture out of the series is Spine Twist as it allows him to get into a deeper stretch and work his entire spine. His least posture, however, is Savasana.

The complete stillness and relaxation is a challenge – it is always hard to maintain that stillness and to keep the mind from wandering away from your practice.

Colin delivers a strong class with a teaching style that is direct, focused, and progressive. You may find yourself working a little harder and reaching new depths while in his class. His favourite yoga tip is also on focus. Just lock the knee then pick one point on the mirror and put all your focus there, don’t even blink your eyes!

When Colin isn’t teaching or practicing, he enjoys both drawing and singing karaoke - really.

Jen Burns

Graduated from Bikram Yoga Spring 2012 and furthered my training with Tony Sanchez in February 2014 in Mexico. I have completed 1/2 marathons and marathon, triathlons. Active downhill skier and nordic skier. Very busy with my active 3 boys!

Jess Dozois

Jess first started doing bikram yoga in 2010 in the Fraser valley. Shortly after starting her yoga journey she was in a car accident which caused her to have lower back pain, continuing to practice was the only source of relief for the pain. In the summer of 2014, Jess had the opportunity to train with Tony Sanchez in los cabos, Mexico. The experience and the knowledge learned in the weeks at Training is what keeps Jess inspired and passionate about yoga.

Jess believes that yoga is for every body and is able to help her students with various modifications in the Core class to assist in opening and healing the body.

Robyn Barber

I started practicing yoga in 2007 when health issues prompted me to take better care of myself. I noticed immediate benefits, some that I expected and tons that came as a pleasant surprise. I decided within the first year to become a teacher so I could help others along the same path. I believe that the yoga room is a place where we truly get to know ourselves and what we're made of, and I love helping others experience that.

Lindsay Barton

My love of yoga started when I was a young teen. I used to read my moms 'ABCs of Yoga' book and was so interested in the benefits that came from each posture. A friend of mine introduced me to my first Bikram Yoga class in fall of 2008, I was hooked after day one and became an instructor Spring of 2009 :) I love and believe deeply in the healing benefits that yoga does for the mind, body and soul. When I am not yoga-ing you'll find me out in nature with my little mini me.